Joe Donahoe

This is stuff I made.

Git Cheatsheet

I'm getting this up and running again. However, the first thing is getting re-acquainted with Git and Github. I used Github with some Data Science courses on Github. That's nice for the "do this, then that" of large online courses, but now I need to know enough to manage my own work. Maybe one day I'll be good enough for complex multi-developer environments.

Here are a couple of resources I used.

Here is what I did to get rolling again:

  1. Opened up Git Bash, and navigated to my development folder.
  2. I did a git init to get everything levelset.
  3. I did git config --global "joedonahoe" and git config --global email.address "joedonahoe@hibot.goaway" to set some variables. That's not my real email address.
  4. Then I connected to the mother ship using git remote add origin
  5. I made my changes, and asked Git how things looked using git status.
  6. I did git add filename and git rm filename to get rid of old stuff and add new stuff in the local repo.
  7. Then I did a git commit -m "2017 reboot". However, that only picked up the new file. I had to do git commit -a -m "2017 reboot" to also pick up some other changes.
  8. Finally, git push origin master and my changes were visible on this site in about 90 seconds due to the magic of